Hide a Unit from Your Website

This article will show you how to hide a unit from showing up on the website.

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Sometimes, you might have a unit that shouldn't be on the website. There are a handful of reasons:

  • It's a "company unit" used by staff

  • It's a comped unit

  • It's a dirty unit - YIKES!

  • It's a unit under maintenance (new roof, etc)

No matter the reason, you have full control over which units appear! You control that right from SiteLink Web Edition.

Here are the steps!

  1. Open SiteLink Web Edition

  2. Click on Setup at the top

  3. Click on Units & Tenants on the left

  4. Click on Modify Units

  5. Find your unit, then click Edit Selection on the right

  6. Check the box that says "Exclude from Website"

  7. Be sure to click "Ok" to save it

Boom! That's it.

The next time your website syncs with SiteLink, that unit will disappear automatically!

Feel free to chat with us using PugBot for more help.

For more ideas on how to modify your units in SiteLink, check out this article!

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