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Strike-through Pricing with SiteLink Push Rates
Strike-through Pricing with SiteLink Push Rates

Learn how to enable strike-through (aka slash-through) pricing with SiteLink Push Rates.

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With StoragePug's SiteLink Integration, you have the option to enable strike-through pricing on your website! This is an awesome way to entice people to rent online.

How to Enable Strike-through Pricing in SiteLink

Prerequisites: for Strike-through Pricing to work, you'll want to enable SiteLink Price Optimizer (aka Push Rates). Here's a handy video from SiteLink to learn how to enable push rates. Contact SiteLink Support if you're still not sure how!

Step-by-step to Enable Strike-through Pricing on Your Website:

  1. Open SiteLink Corporate Control Center (not Web Edition)

  2. Click on "Rules: Websites, Call Centers and Kiosks" (see screenshot below)

  3. Select your location

  4. Make sure the "Use the push rate at move in when available" (see screenshot below) is UNCHECKED

  5. Let StoragePug know via chat or so we can do a manual SiteLink sync to get the latest unit rates

  6. That's it!!

Here's how we show the strike-through pricing on the website. Check out StorEZ to see for yourself!

Step 2:

Step 4:

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