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Strike-through Pricing on Your StoragePug Website
Strike-through Pricing on Your StoragePug Website

Learn about the various ways in which you can implement strike-through pricing on your website.

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Strike-through pricing allows you to show off the deal that customers are getting. We have many ways to create strike-through pricing on your website.

Let's cover what it is, how it looks, and how to implement it!

What is Strike-through Pricing?

Everyone loves feeling like they are getting a deal, and implementing strike-through pricing on your StoragePug website is a great way to convey that feeling to prospective tenants!

Put simply, strike-through pricing is a strategy where you show the standard rate of a unit with a strike-though while displaying the "discounted" rate next to it:

Implementing Strike-through Pricing on Your Website

As a reminder, all the pricing on your website is pulled directly from SiteLink.

With that in mind, let's have a look at the three ways you can display strike-through pricing on your website:

Single Discount on a Unit

When you have a single discount setup in SiteLink for a particular unit size/type, we will show the standard rate with a strike-through next to the calculated discount price:

When using a single discount, we also display the discount language that you setup in SiteLink when naming your discount (50% Off 1st Month Rent in our example above).

Note: Your StoragePug website has the ability to display multiple discount options for particular sizes and unit types.

When attempting to display strike-through pricing through the use of discounts, be aware that this only works if you have a single discount setup. In the example screenshot above, there are two discounts available for this unit, so there will be no strike-through pricing.

Fake-Inflate Strike-through Feature

This feature allows you to show strike-through pricing without adjusting any rates or adding discounts in SiteLink.

Read the full article on this feature at this link: Fake Inflate Strike-through

Web Rates

SiteLink allows you to set up a web rate for your units. When you have a web rate setup that is lower than the standard rate, you will see the standard rate with a strike-through next to the web rate:

Push Rates

Lastly, if you have push rates setup in SiteLink which are lower than the standard rate, then you will see the standard rate with a strike-through next to the lower push rate price.

As a reminder, push rates are setup through pricing plans that you setup in SiteLink's Price Optimizer tool.

How We Prioritize the Various Strike-through Pricing Implementations

We now know the different ways you can get strike-through pricing on your website: single discounts, fake inflate strike-through rates, web rates, and push rates.

But what if you are using multiple of the above methods? Which rate will show up? Good question!

The chosen rate depends on which special rate types apply to the given unit.

Here is the priority list for displaying strike-through rates:

  1. Multiple Discounts (no strike-through)

  2. Single Discounts

  3. Fake Inflate Strike-through Rates

  4. Web Rates

  5. Push Rates

What does this mean?

To put it simply, the rates higher on the list will overtake the ones lower on the list.

If you are using Web Rates and turn on Fake Inflate Strike-through Rates, the Fake Inflate rates will display INSTEAD of the Web Rates. Similarly, any unit with a discount in SiteLink will display that as the strike-through pricing instead of the Fake Inflate, Web, or Push Rates.

If a unit has multiple SiteLink discounts applied, it will just show that there are multiple discount options available.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, email us at so our Client Success team can get you squared away!

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