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Strike-through Pricing With SiteLink Discounts
Strike-through Pricing With SiteLink Discounts

See how discounts are displayed on your website with strike-through pricing.

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If you assign a discount to a unit in SiteLink, your StoragePug website will pull that discount and display it to your customers.

Showing a strike-through of the original price allows you to preserve the quality statement involved in pricing your units while still providing a deal for your customers.

Take a look at how this works below. And if you want to see the full article on strike-through pricing, check it out right here: Strike-through Pricing on Your StoragePug Website

How Discounted Units Are Displayed

Storage unit discounts you’ve set up in SiteLink display with strike-through pricing on your StoragePug website.

For this to work, you must have only one discount set up for that unit.

In this example, a single discount applies to this unit in SiteLink.

The original unit price of $115 is grayed out, minimized, and has a line through it. The new cost is displayed where the unit price normally is.

The discount text is displayed above it. This lets customers know why the price is lower and what to expect.

What Happens With Multiple Discounts

Having multiple discounts available for a storage unit disables strike-through pricing (unless you have another strike-through method applied).

Instead, the unit will show text above the regular price that lets the customer know how many discounts are available on the unit.

In this scenario, a customer will need to select the unit and move to the next page in order to see the available discounts.

What Happens During a Rental

Once a unit is selected and customers progress to the next step of the rental process, there are a few important things to note about discounted units.

1. Discounts Are Automatically Applied

If you have only one discount available for a unit in SiteLink, that discount is automatically applied for the customer when they select the unit.

This means that customers won’t forget to select the discount that attracted them to the unit in the first place.

2. The Non-Discounted Monthly Rate is Displayed

When displaying the monthly rate the customer expects to pay, we display the original non-discounted rate.

We don’t want to mislead the customer. Showing the non-discounted rate ensures they know how much they should expect to pay down the road.

This screen shows an itemized breakdown of their first payment below the regular rate, showing them the discount they receive.

3. Future Discounted Payments Are Displayed

If your discount includes multiple months, we display the other discounted months as well.

By doing this, customers can confirm the discount is what they expected and also have another way to view the value they’re receiving.

Using Multi-Month Prepay Discounts

Do you allow customers to prepay multiple months when they first rent in order to secure a lower rate?

If so, this is what happens:

  1. Your customers will see the strike-through discount for a single month’s rent when selecting a unit.

  2. The next step in the rental process has a month-by-month breakdown of what they will pay.

  3. Your customers will also see the total for all of the months they’re paying for at that moment with the discount applied.

This is perfect for customers who choose the discount.

But you may also have customers who don’t wish to use that discount and are now presented with a much larger number unexpectedly.

If you are worried about this impacting customers who don’t wish to prepay—or if you have had customers express confusion and would prefer the discount not be automatically applied—there is a solution.

To stop the discount from automatically applying, you may apply another discount to the unit in SiteLink.

With two discounts now applying to the storage unit, no discount will be automatically applied.

Customers choosing the prepay discount will need to select it from the dropdown during the rental.

More Strike-through Pricing Information

Check out this Help Article for more information on strike-through pricing and how it works.

If you have any questions or need assistance, email us at so our Client Success team can get you squared away!

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