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Strike-through Pricing with SiteLink Web Rates
Strike-through Pricing with SiteLink Web Rates

Learn how to enable Web Rates on your StoragePug website!

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StoragePug websites on the Insights platform are now able to show Web Rates on their units! By using Web Rates, we can create a strike-through effect to highlight your sales!

Web Rates allow you to set a special rate for customers that rent through your website. This can create a sense of urgency to rent now. With strike-through pricing, it allows you to present a discounted rate without the risk of your customer never seeing the deal they're getting or the original value of the unit.

In this article, we'll go over how Web Rates show on your website and how to enable Web Rates in SiteLink.

How Web Rates Show On Your Website

Standard Web Rates Display

When you have a Web Rate set for a price lower than the standard price, it will create a slash through, showcasing the Web Rate.

In the example below, $85 is the standard rate. $77 is the Web Rate. Notice how the $85 is crossed out and made smaller.

IMPORTANT: What Happens When You Have a Discount and Web Rates

A key thing to point out is once Web Rates are enabled, they will show over any other discount. Take a look at the below example!

While the discount is showing on this unit, the strike-through pricing is coming from the Web Rate instead. This is because both web rates and a single discount are available for this unit.

Without Web Rates, the 5x5 would have $0 displayed due to the discount.

Since Web Rates are enabled, the $48 Web Rate shows over that discount.

Strike-through Pricing Persists During the Rental

When a customer selects a unit with a Web Rate, the rate is displayed with strike-through pricing throughout the rental steps.

This is not a one-time discount and is instead the monthly rate they can expect to pay (until any eventual rate increases).

We make sure they see both the new rate and the unit's original value at every stage.

How to set up Web Rates in SiteLink

SiteLink has an awesome how-to article that will walk you through this process! Click the link to see more: How to use web rates

Let's summarize the key points of that article:

  1. Access SiteLink Web Edition and navigate to the Company tab.

  2. Click Modify Units.

  3. Click the Batch Edit Web Rates button on the right.

  4. The top-left corner has four options. Select the option you’d like to use and edit your web rates to your preference.

    Your options include:

    Use standard rates for web rates (Web rates off): This option will be selected by default. It will ensure that the standard rate takes precedence when passed through the API.

    Lower web rates below standard rates by fixed amount: By selecting this option and entering a value in the field to its right, you will create web rates that are a specific amount less than the standard rate for that unit group.
    Example: If you select this option and enter 10.00 for a unit group for which the standard rate is $100, the web rate for that unit group will be $90.00.

    Lower web rates below standard rates by percentage: Selecting this option and entering a value in the field to its right will create a web rate that is a specific percentage below the standard rate.
    Example: If you select this option and enter 25 for a unit group for which the standard rate is $100, the web rate for that unit group will be $75.

    Set web rates directly by unit groups: Selecting this option will allow you to enter a custom amount to use as your web rate for each unit group. With this option selected, you can enter a new value directly into the table in the New Web Rate column.

    5. After you’ve selected your web rates, click OK to save your changes.

Last Step! Once you have Web Rates turned on, be sure to uncheck the "Use the push rate at move in when available". This ensures that Web Rates are available as intended and that Push Rates won't interfere.

Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Access Corporate Control Center.

  2. Access your Rules: Websites, Call Centers and Kiosks settings in the Websites, Kiosk and Call Center section of Site Setup.

  3. Uncheck Use the push rate at move in when available.

Once you have completed these steps, reach out to our Client Success Team at, and we will get your website updated to show Web Rates!

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