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How to Add Fake Strike-through Discount Rates
How to Add Fake Strike-through Discount Rates

Using our Fake Inflate Strike-through feature to display inflated strike-through rates.

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This feature enables you to display a strike-through rate with promo text without actually adjusting your rates or discounts in SiteLink.

With Fake Inflate Strike-through rates, you can capture the interest of thrifty customers as they browse your units.

What is this feature?

The Fake Inflate Strike-through feature allows you to display a strike-through rate that is higher than the actual rate in SiteLink.

It also allows you to add promo text connected to the strike-through rate.

Using this feature lets you take advantage of strike-through pricing without actually adjusting your rates and discounts in SiteLink and without disconnecting your web rate from your in-store rate.

a screenshot of the storagepug strike-through pricing display

Let's break down the example image above:

  • ONLINE PROMO!! is the promo text we've given our rate in Insights. We call this the Fake discount name.

  • $135 is the ACTUAL unit rate in SiteLink before the Fake discount percentage is applied. It is not a discounted rate.

NOTE: You can find the full article on strike-through pricing by clicking here.

How it works

Let’s take a look at how the Fake Inflate Strike-through rate works so that you know what you’ll need to consider before setting it up.

Global vs Location

You can add these fake rates either globally (to all locations on your website) or to specific locations.

If you apply it globally, ALL locations will share the same Fake Discount Percentage and Fake Discount Name.

If you choose to apply it location-by-location, you can have different percentages and names per location you apply it to.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once added, this will apply to ALL units at the locations affected (whether global or at specific locations) UNLESS they have a SiteLink discount applied.

Fake Discount Percentage

This is the percentage you would like to inflate your standard rate by. The resulting number will be crossed out.

For example, if your standard rate for a unit in SiteLink is $100 and you set the Fake Discount Percentage to 20, your unit will display $120 with strike-through and then $100 as the discounted rate because $120 is 20% higher than $100.

The inflated strike-through rates are rounded to the nearest dollar (whether that is up or down).

Fake Discount Name

You will need to choose the text to display for your fake promo.

This can be virtually whatever you want it to be, though we recommend keeping it short and simple. Usually, using no more than three to four words works best (or around 15 to 30 characters).

Keep in mind that the width of the letters and lengths of your words will impact how much you can fit before it starts wrapping.

How you can add Fake Inflate Strike-through to your website

StoragePug customers are able to use this feature by contacting our Client Success team.

Here are the easiest ways to reach Client Success:

You can also reach out via our PugBot chat.

Just let us know you want to add “Fake Inflate Strike-through” and we’ll help you make it happen!

Questions & Answers

Have questions about this feature? See if they’re answered below. If not, please reach out to our Client Success team!

Can I activate this setting myself?

No. The only way to turn this setting on is by contacting our Client Success team.

Will it take priority over my other special rates?

Fake Inflate Strike-through will take priority over every type of rate other than SiteLink discounts.

Here is the actual priority list:

  1. SiteLink discounts

  2. Fake inflate strike-through

  3. Web rates

  4. Push rates

Will customers see the text and pricing elsewhere on the site?

The strike-through rate will be visible once the client selects a unit and is going through the checkout process.

The promotional text will only be visible before a unit is selected.

Can I have different Fake Discount Percentages and Names for different units?


You can use different settings for each location, but the settings will apply to ALL units at the chosen location(s) unless a unit has a SiteLink discount.

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