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How to Update Website Units
How to Update Website Units

Learn how to manually push an update to your units on your website when making changes in SiteLink.

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SiteLink Syncing Times

StoragePug automatically syncs with your SiteLink four times throughout the day. When you update a price, quantity, discount, etc. in SiteLink, that change(s) will appear on the website during the next automatic sync.

Let's say you update the pricing of your 10x10 climate controlled unit at 2pm EST. That change will be shown on your website during the next corresponding automatic sync time, which would be 4pm EST in this case.

Manually Update Website Units

Using our example above, maybe you made a bunch of edits to your units at around 2pm EST, and you would like the changes to show as soon as possible on the website without waiting for the next SiteLink automatic sync time.

No problem! You can actually push an update to the units on your website manually in Insights without having to wait for the next SiteLink automatic sync time. Let's take a look at how to do this!

    1. Once logged into Insights, click on the dropdown located next to your email address used as your Insights login

    2. Click on Update website units

    3. Once you have clicked Update website units, you will see a notification message stating the update was a success

  1. Click Publish changes button

    1. Clicking this button will initiate the process of pushing the changes live to your website

      1. The changes will be reflected on the website within 15-20 minutes

And that's it - you no longer have to wait for the next scheduled SiteLink automatic sync time to show changes on your units on your website!

Please Note: If your unit edit (change in price for example) occurs between an automatic sync time with SiteLink, and if you don't push an update manually using the steps in this article, the edit will not be shown and live on the website until the next automatic sync time.

However, we will always honor changes in SiteLink on units in real time on your website. If a prospective tenant selects one of those units with a change (price for example), the price would update automatically once clicked, regardless of automatic or manual unit syncs.

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