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How to Optimize & Maintain Your Google Business Profile
How to Optimize & Maintain Your Google Business Profile

What StoragePug does to optimize your Google Business Profile, and items you should be consistently doing.

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StoragePug has got you covered when it comes to optimizing your Google Business Profile. We make sure that your profile has accurate information and details that help potential customers find you!

With regard to the upkeep and maintenance of your Google Business Profile, there are items we are happy to assist with, and there are some things that you should be doing.

What StoragePug Does For You

Our Client Success team will make sure your profile is optimized when you go live with us.

We can't do everything ourselves, though, and we also can't maintain it outside of the initial optimization.

Here's what we will do for you when you go live:

  • Manage your basic business information (name, address, phone number)

  • Add business categories

  • Upload photos

    • We will use photos provided to us during Onboarding to flesh out the photos on your GBP.

    • Our team will also adjust your logo and upload it to your profile if needed.

  • Hours—Gate & Office

  • Website URL

  • Add services

  • Business description

  • Optimize your landing page

Here's what we can do after the initial optimization:

  • Update hours - New office or access hours? No problem—send them our way, and we will update them on your profile!

  • Upload photos - We're happy to upload photos if you need help and send them to our team.

What You Should Be Doing

There are some tasks you'll need to take care of yourself. Some of these tasks are even things you should be doing continuously.

  • Products

  • Q&As

  • Business attributes

Important Note: Make sure to also check the "What Now?" section after this for tasks you should be keeping up with throughout the year!

Adding products

Add your storage units as products on your GBP.

It's usually best to add just the types of storage—such as indoor climate control, drive-up, and so on.

Set price ranges for the products rather than specific rates.

Add Q&As

You can ask and answer your own questions on Google Business Profile. Here are some tips for optimizing this part of your profile:

  • If you get three or more people to like/upvote a question and it's the most liked, it will show on the profile and top of the Q&As!

  • Use this space to ask questions you want customers to know the answers to—it's basically additional marketing space.

Choose relevant business attributes

  • These attributes help tell customers about your business and the team behind it. They include things such as veteran-owned, woman-owned, and more.

  • Considering many modern consumers try to find businesses that align with their values, these can be a big signal to the right customer!

How to add business attributes:

  • Pull up your profile management screen on Google

  • Click Edit profile

  • Navigate to the More tab at the top-right

  • Click on the From the business, Crowd, Planning, and Service options fields to edit them

What Now? After Setup & Optimization

Ultimately, the more ways that you can demonstrate engagement with your Google Business Profile, the better.

Asking and responding to reviews, adding posts, and adding photos are great ways to ensure your Google Business Profile is in the best position possible when it comes to attracting new customers!

Asking for reviews

Use our Text Review tool in Insights to get more reviews!

Respond to reviews

Respond to all your Google Business Profiles Reviews, whether they be good, bad, or indifferent.

Pug Pro Tip: Set up a weekly or bi-weekly reminder through your calendar or whatever other tool you use for reminders. This way, you never forget to check for new reviews, but you don't need to be thinking about it every day!

Add posts

When you have a new offer, event, or general update, add it to your profile!

  • If possible, try to post once a week.

  • Posts older than 6 months are archived by default.

Add photos (& videos)

Adding a new photo or two periodically to your profile, or send them to us so we can do it for you! This should be done quarterly.

You can also add videos. This is done the same way as adding photos. Videos auto-play in maps results and can really help your profile stand out to customers.

Having your GBP set up properly is incredibly important. We can take your profile to 90%, but only you can hit 100% and beyond by taking action!

If you need any help or guidance, please make sure to reach out to our Client Success team at

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