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Work Around for "Reservation Only" Option on a Specific Unit Size/Type
Work Around for "Reservation Only" Option on a Specific Unit Size/Type

Learn how you can display specific unit types/sizes on the website without having the option to rent.

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There are certain situations in which you might not want to allow certain unit sizes/types on your website to be rentable. You still want visitors to be able to see the units, but you just want to be able to capture their contact details without allowing them to rent the unit.

For example, many facilities offer a variety of parking solutions, and some operators want to vet tenants before allowing them to store their vehicles at the facility. The idea being that, as an operator, you might not want your facility looking like a junkyard with beat up vehicles everywhere!

While we don't have the option to turn off online rentals for specific unit sizes/types on your website, we do have a work around that will allow you to display the unit on the website with a contact form. Let's take a look at how this works!

Video Explanation

Check out the video below that has an overview of the work around and what it will look like:

Displaying Your Unit(s) with the Contact Us Badge

Our work around involves getting your desired unit offering on the website with the blue Contact Us badge as seen below in the screen shot:

The Contact Us badge appears on unit sizes/types that we view as not having any available, rentable inventory in SiteLink. This feature allows you to display units on the website with a simple contact form. If a prospective tenant clicks on one of these units, a contact form will appear.

You will get these contact details emailed to you, and the prospective tenants details will also appear as a in Lead in SiteLink's Lead to Lease table.

Being that you may have rentable inventory in SiteLink for the unit sizes/types in question, there are some things you will have to do in SiteLink so the units display with the Contact Us badge as opposed to being rentable.

What to do in SiteLink

Let's say you have a unit type called RV Covered Parking that you don't want rentable. You need to exclude all units that are vacant and occupied from the website.

To do this, you will need to make sure the Exclude from Website box is checked and the Rentable box is unchecked on all vacant and occupied units:

Next, you need to create a a fictitious/dummy unit type that we are going to use on the website that will appear with the Contact Us badge.

So if we don't want our RV Covered Parking units to be rentable on the website, we need to create a fictitious/dummy unit type called, say, RV Covered Parking Spot.

After you have created the fictitious/dummy unit type, you then need to create one unit of a particular size and rent that unit to yourself.

For example, let's say we have a 20x30 RV Covered Parking unit that we want on the website with the Contact Us badge. To make this happen, you need to:

  1. Exclude from website all vacant and occupied RV Covered Parking units

  2. Create a fictitious/dummy unit type called RV Covered Parking Spot

  3. You would need to create one 20x30 unit and rent that unit to yourself

That's it! You will now have a 20x30 RV Covered Parking Spot on your website with the Contact Us badge.

As always, if you have any questions, reach out to our Client Success team at!

PRO PUG TIP: Once you have made the above adjustments, contact our Client Success team so we can sync with your updates in SiteLink, or check out this article that shows you how you can do that on your own in Insights!

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