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How to Verify Your GBP
How to Verify Your GBP

Are you having trouble getting your Google Business Profile verified? Here’s what to do.

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Why won’t Google verify my profile? How do I get Google to accept my verification? Why is Google rejecting my GBP verification video?

Do these problems sound familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got the information you need to help solve your verification issues, and we’ve even included an example video that will show you how to give yourself the best chance of verification.

Before You Start: What to Have Ready

Before you even start the verification process, you should have some things solidified and at your disposal.

The most important are as follows:

  • A business email formatted similar to

    • The email used should also be one that is listed as an owner or manager on the Google Business Profile needing verification

  • Permanent signage at your facility

  • A dedicated business contact phone number

  • Facility office set up and ready to be filmed or photographed

  • Business documents and photos that prove ownership of the business

    • Business registration/license, tax certificates, utility bills, etc.

    • A couple photos that show the business with signage and road signs if possible

Let’s take a deeper look at each item in case you have more questions. Or, you can head on down to our Video Verification section for more advice!

Business email

Sometimes, Google might send a verification code to an email address.

Other times, you may need to contact Google support when verification hits a roadblock.

In either of these cases, it’s best to have an official email for the business.

If you use any other email address, your chances of a successful verification are reduced. This includes cases where you are a third-party management company whose email domain IS NOT the same as the name of the facility you’re trying to get verified on Google.

Permanent signage

This helps prove to Google that your business exists! Otherwise, anyone could verify a profile for a fake business at a random location.

A dedicated business phone number

Google wants to know that the phone number your customers use to contact you will actually work and belongs to you. This number may be used for verification.

The number you use for this should be the same number you want customers to call when they find your business on Google in the future.

Facility office

Similar to the signage, this helps prove to Google that your business is real and exists where you say it does.

If your facility is remotely operated and doesn’t have an actual office, you should still try to have a space only you—as the owner—can access as proof of your ownership in video verification.

Business documents

The best documents to use are those that prove the business is real and that only the business owner should have access to.

Some examples include tax documents and business registration documents.

Video Verification

Video verification is one of the most common verification methods that Google uses.

This method requires you to film a video—you can just do it with your cellphone—and showcase your facility. The video will need to be uploaded live during the verification process, so you will need to have a solid internet connection.

If the live video upload fails due to poor connection issues, you will need to contact Google support. See our advice on this below.

Here are things you should include in the video for the best chance of success:

  1. Introduce yourself and state your relationship to the business

  2. State the reason for the video

  3. Film the business front, showcasing signage, location, and neighbors

  4. Enter the facility and show some storage units

  5. Show yourself UNLOCKING the office door with your key

  6. Conclude the video by showing an official business document

By including each of these steps in your verification video, you prove to Google that the business is real, does what you claim it does, exists where you say it does, and that you are an official representative of the business.

Example Verification Video

Example Video Script

Here’s a script you can use and tailor to your business during your video verification!

Hey Google, [Your Name] here, and I’m an official representative of [Facility Name].

Today, I want to verify our business.

First, I’ll start by showing you where our business is located on the street.

Here is our street sign. There are our neighbors across the street.

We’ll go through the gate now, and you can see our storage units here.

Over here is our office. As a representative of our business, I have a key.

I’ll use my key to unlock the office and show you around.

Finally, here’s an official legal document [from the IRS].

You can see the business name and the address match what we have on our Google Business Profile.

Thank you for your time!

Why are these steps important?

Each step of this script is included to help do one of four things:

  1. Prove to Google you are a valid representative of the business

  2. Prove that the video was made for the singular purpose of this verification

  3. Make it clear your business is real and does what you say it does

  4. Show to Google that your business is located where you claim it is

What to Do if Verification is Rejected

Having trouble getting Google to accept your video verification? Watch the video below to learn how to contact Google Business Support via email.

As a reminder, you will need to have business documents (business registration, tax documents, utility bills, etc.) as well as a couple of photos that clearly show the business with signage ready to upload to your support email.

We highly recommend watching the above video. If you're unable to do so, here are some simplified steps:

  1. Click the "Verify Now" button for the property once signed into an associated Google account

  2. On the page that reads "Select a way to get verified," click "More options" at the bottom

  3. Click "contact support"

  4. Select the business you're trying to get verified

  5. Select that you need help with verification

  6. Choose the description that best matches your scenario

  7. Click "Next step"

  8. Click "Next step" again

  9. Click "Email" as your contact option

  10. Fill out the form and follow the prompts to contact Google support

Next Steps

Have your GBP set up and verified? Check out this article on how to optimize it!

If you have any issues following these steps, reach out to us at

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