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Set Up SiteLink Auto-Protect

How to enable SiteLink Auto-Protect and what it does

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SiteLink offers Auto-Protect for facilities using Storsmart or Bader for tenant insurance.

There are a few steps you need to take to enable it in SiteLink and ensure it will work with your StoragePug website.

Let’s take a look at each step in detail!

What is Auto-Protect?

When enabled, SiteLink’s Auto-Protect will automatically enroll tenants in your store’s insurance plan (so long as it’s Storsmart or Bader) after a given grace period unless they provide proof of insurance.

Why does this matter?

The value of Auto-Protect is that conversions are no longer held up by requiring insurance during a checkout stage.

Requiring the purchase of insurance during checkout can cause you to lose rentals as it adds another step for customers to fall off. Auto-Protect can help prevent some of these lost conversions if properly applied.

Pug Pro Tip: If you have Auto-Protect enabled, you should ensure that Insurance is NOT required during your rentals. Otherwise, you are defeating the purpose of Auto-Protect. You can contact our Client Success team to confirm your insurance settings.

How to Enable Auto-Protect in SiteLink

There are actually three things you need to do before you enable Auto-Protect.

  1. Exclude any units you don’t want to be insured

  2. Check that the insurance certificate form is enabled

  3. Ensure your Auto-Protect Agreement form is set up for eSign (see this article for details)

Once these three steps are completed, you can enable Auto-Protect. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Contact SiteLink support directly

Exclude Units

You should only exclude a unit if you don’t want it to be included in Auto-Protect.

For example, you may have both storage units and vehicle parking, but your tenant insurance is only for the storage units. In this case, you could exclude the parking spaces.

We’ve listed the steps below, but you can find the full guide in this SiteLink help article.

Step 1. Open SiteLink Corporate Control Center and click Insurance and Protection Plans.

Step 2. Select the relevant location

Step 3. Click setup under Bader or Storsmart (depending on which you use)

Step 4. Click “Set Defaults”

Step 5. Select the units to exclude from Auto-Protect and select None from the default plan dropdown menu

Step 6. Click Apply.

The selected unit(s) will now be excluded from Auto-Protect.

Enable the Insurance Certificate Form

By setting up your Insurance Certificate forms, you ensure that the proper Certificate of Insurance is sent to a tenant once they’re enrolled.

Here are the steps to setting this up, but you can find the full guide here.

Step 1. Open SiteLink Web Edition and click Setup

Step 2. Click Form Setup

Step 3. Check for the Insurance Certificate form.

Step 4. If you see the form, you’re good to go! If not, contact

Set Your Auto-Protect Agreement for eSign

This step is detailed in this help article with screenshots to guide you.

Here’s a brief rundown of what is required in case you’re already familiar with navigating these options in SiteLink without guidance:

  • There must be an eSign keyword on the form

  • You must make sure it is marked as Included under “Move In Availability”

  • There must be an “X” under the “Used” column

Once more, please refer to our full Help Article on setting up eSign if you need more guidance.

Auto-Protect & StoragePug Websites

Once you have Auto-Protect properly set up and make sure that insurance is not required at checkout, you should now have a smooth online rental flow that still ensures tenants are ultimately insured.

  1. Customers will be prompted to select insurance, but the selection will not be required to proceed with the online rental

  2. If they do not select an insurance/protection plan, they will be prompted to sign the Auto-Protect Agreement along with other forms after they complete payment for the unit

  3. After the grace period, SiteLink will automatically enroll the customer if they have not provided proof of insurance

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a customer does not eSign the Auto-Protect agreement along with the other required move-in forms, then StoragePug will NOT send the customer their gate code via email. All included move-in forms must be eSigned in order for us to send the gate code via email.

Notifying Customers of Auto-Protect During Checkout

One way to make sure your customers understand Auto-Protect during checkout is to make use of the Insurance Help Text function in Insights to add a tooltip regarding automatic insurance enrollment.

Here’s an example template:

* A protection plan is required to store at _______. If you do not select a protection plan, you will have 14 days to provide proof of private insurance coverage. If you do not provide proof, you will be auto-enrolled into our lowest-cost protection plan.

The following screenshot shows where this help text appears:

If you have any questions about how to set up eSign, how to enable Auto-Protect, or how Auto-Protect works with your StoragePug website, contact us at!

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