Here is a Google My Business marketing punch list for you to help get the most traffic to your website and to help convert your visitors into leads!

1. Reviews

For customers, today, seeing a quality number of recent reviews is everything. In addition, customers also want to see your responses to their reviews whether good or bad. Responding to all reviews, whether good or bad, shows that your facility active and listening to its customers.

Don't forget the "Can you do me a favor?" approach. This really helps ensure your customers will follow through with leaving those reviews! Simply ask your customers when they are moving in or out if they can do you a favor, they always say yes, and you follow up with "I am going to send you an email/text (insert time) and if you could just click the link and leave us a review it would really help!

2. Photos

Consistently adding two to four photos each month will let customers know that your facility is being well maintained and active. We know that it’s not always possible to go take photos every week. So, we suggest planning a photoshoot and taking a variety of clear high-quality photos so that you have content to pull from each time you share a new photo. Google loves to see this type of consistency, but so do your customers! If you download the Google My Business app, it makes posting those photos even easier.

3. Posts

Treat posts like you would any social media feed. From keeping your customer informed about special hour changes to new specials while let your potential customers know that you are a proactive facility. These are like free Google Ads!

4. Products

Adding products to your profile gives customers a preview of what your facility offers and is an easy way to encourage them towards becoming a new tenant! We suggest keeping the product option simple. For example, Climate Controlled Units or Standard Drive-up Units.

5. Services

Services are a great way to build keywords into your business categories. Adding a few important services to each business category will improve your search ranking when customers type in keywords like “Drive-up storage units”, etc.

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