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Manager Best Practices: Get the most out of leads & managing them with Insights
Manager Best Practices: Get the most out of leads & managing them with Insights

Learn best practices for managing your website leads. We'll also touch on how to see leads, contact leads, and log interactions in Insights.

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Your StoragePug website is built to get you as many leads as possible!

Different Types of Leads

When a prospective tenant visits your website, there are a handful of ways in which that visitor can become a lead. Let's have a look at the different website activities that can produce a lead.

  1. Renting a Unit - A prospective tenant can come to your website, find the unit they need, and ultimately rent it online.

  2. Reserving a Unit - A prospective tenant can find a unit that is available and reserve it.

  3. Request a Quote - Units that do not have any availability display a Contact Us badge, and a prospective tenant can fill out a short contact form.

  4. Contact Form - Prospective tenants can reach out with inquiries by submitting a contact form on the website.

  5. Create an Account - If a prospective tenant begins the online rental process on a unit but does not pay and complete the rental, you will still capture that individual's details as they create an account. You can then follow up to see if they still want to rent the unit.

How to View Leads in Insights

Viewing your leads is easy with Insights. Simply log in and click on “Leads” on the left sidebar.

On the Leads page, you will see sections with the next actions for Leads AND Tenants. From here, you can view leads, see their contact information, and log interactions with them.

screenshot of the Insights Leads dashboard

Contact Your Leads

Any lead that doesn’t immediately rent is at risk of renting with a competitor.

One way to help secure the rental for your facility is to follow up on a lead. Contact them via call, text, or email. Here are some things to keep in mind when contacting your leads:

1. The sooner you follow up, the better.

2. Make sure to introduce yourself and the name of the facility upfront.

3. Be professional but friendly—you don’t want to seem too casual or too cold.

4. Practice active listening. Don’t just tell them why your facility is great. Listen to their needs and talk about how you can help them.

5. If the lead expresses interest in renting, leave them with “next steps.”

Insights makes contacting leads easy!

Step 1. Log into Insights

Step 2. Click “Leads” on the left sidebar.

Step 3. Find your lead in the “Next actions for leads” section and click “Contact lead” to view their contact information.

screenshot of the Next actions for leads section

Documenting Interactions in Insights

Whether you call, text, or email a lead, make sure to document this interaction in Insights.

By documenting the interaction, it helps you or other team members remember the interaction down the road without needing to actually memorize every time you talk to a customer.

This isn’t just a way to make look better. It also leads to a better customer experience for your tenants.

GIF of how to log interactions in Insights following steps from the article

Watch the GIF above or follow these steps to learn how to document the interaction:

Step 1. Log into Insights.

Step 2. Click “Leads” on the left sidebar.

Step 3. Search for your contact in the search bar or find them at the bottom of the page. Click on their name.

Step 4. On the next page, choose either Add Note, Log Call, or Log Email as applicable.

Step 5. Fill out the information on the new window that pops up. Once complete, hit the button at the bottom right of the window to log the interaction!

Ask Tenants for Reviews Via Text Message in Insights

Reviews are a powerful tool for securing new customers. Some studies show that reviews may be even more influential than discounts to as many as 50% of your leads.

With Insights, you can text a customer a review request with two simple clicks.

For the simple version: Navigate to the “Leads” page. Under “Next actions for tenants,” click the “Ask for a review” button to the left of your customer and then click “Send SMS.”

Review Your Rental & Reservation Success Messages

Once you’ve secured a reservation or a rental from a lead, make sure the confirmation message you send them is accurate and displays all of the information you need!

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