How to Use ID Upload

Learn how to make use of StoragePug’s ID Upload feature and how it works.

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The ID Upload feature on StoragePug websites enables owners and operators to require identification during the online rental process. If you require an ID with a rental, doing so through your website levels the process up by:

  • Reducing the workload for managers

  • Creating a seamless rental flow

  • Improving data security

  • Making the files easily accessible

Let’s take a look at what this feature does and how you use it!

When to Use ID Upload

Before you decide to use ID Upload, you should know when it fits.

Not every facility is in the right situation to make the best use of ID Upload. Using it when it’s not the right fit can lead to fewer rentals. Check out our Help Center guide for determining if you qualify for ID Upload on your StoragePug website for more information.

How ID Upload Works

If you’re looking to turn on ID Upload for your StoragePug website, there are some details you should understand first.

What You Need to Do First

Once you’ve determined that you’re qualified for ID Upload, you will need to contact our Client Success team to have the feature turned on.

If you have multiple facilities, decide at which facilities to turn the feature on and whether or not to make it a required rental step.

PUG PRO TIP: If you want to require IDs at one location but don’t want to risk losing leads at a lease-up facility, you can turn the feature on at only the locations you want and leave it off at the lease-up facilities!

What Your Tenants Need to Do

Once everything is set up and turned on, the largest burden is on your tenants. They will need to capture and upload a photo of their ID during the rental flow, and for some users, this can be an added burden.

Here is what your tenants will experience and how you can help them through the process if they have difficulty:

Once your tenants have selected the unit and started the rental process, they will find the file upload box for their ID at the bottom of their rental form.

The StoragePug rental form screen with an arrow pointing to the ID upload section

Here, they can choose multiple upload methods. They can drag or copy a photo of their ID into the box or click one of the buttons on the left.

In order from top to bottom, the left-hand buttons are:

  1. Upload a file from your current device

  2. Upload a file from Google Drive

  3. Take a new photo with your current device

the ID Upload box with arrows pointing to each button

This screen also provides instructions for uploading a good photo of the customer’s ID to guide your tenants into taking a quality image.

Once the photo is successfully uploaded and the rest of the rental form is complete, the customer can click the Continue button, as usual, to proceed with the rental.

an arrow pointing to the Continue button on the rental form

Where Files Go When Uploaded

After your customer successfully uploads their ID and completes the rental, the file is saved to the SiteLink cloud. You can view the file through your SiteLink Web Edition access.

To find the photo in SiteLink:

  1. Open SiteLink Web Edition and sign in

  2. Find the Customers module in the top right of the window

  3. Click on Tenants from the module box to open a list of your tenants

    the SiteLink home screen with an arrow pointing to Tenants
  4. Scroll or search until you find the tenant you are looking for

  5. Click the tenant's name once, and then click the ePhotos & eFiles button on the right-hand sidebar

    an arrow pointing to the ePhotos and eFiles button
  6. You should now see uploaded files related to that tenant in the new window

    the eFiles and ePhotos window

Questions & Answers About ID Upload

Can a customer complete this step AFTER the rental?

No. If a rental is completed before this feature is turned on—or if you made the upload optional and they did not complete this step—it is already too late for them to upload their ID.

You will need to accept their ID or the photo of their ID manually.

Can this photo be uploaded via the tenant portal on a StoragePug website?

It cannot be uploaded after the rental. Once your tenant has completed their rental, there is no way for them to upload their ID.

If a current, or previous tenant, rents another unit online, will they be asked to upload their ID?

The ID Upload option is only for new tenants with unique email addresses that are not already in SiteLink. If a current, or existing, tenant attempts to rent a unit online with an email address that we identity as already having an account, then the ID will not upload into SiteLink.

Can I send a link to the tenant to finish uploading the photo?

The photo can only be uploaded during the actual rental process.

Does it validate that it’s a real ID?

This feature only allows your facility to accept the photo during the rental process and store it in SiteLink.

It will not confirm the validity of the ID.

Does it compare information on the photo to what they enter on the form?

No. There is no validation of information in the photo whatsoever.

Your Next Steps

If you think ID Upload is for you, here’s a recap of what you should do next:

  1. Contact our Client Success team to discuss turning on the feature.

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